Aquinergy provides water and waste-water project consulting services for the municipal, industrial, power and O&G sectors

Building a better value proposition

Improving project execution

Strengthening client capabilities

We strengthen the financial and operational returns for our clients by focusing our services on:

Building a better value proposition -
Evaluate the plant process technology selection and configuration to reduce capital expenditure, lower operating costs and ensure plant performance and reliability. As an independent external consultancy, we also have experience in supporting technical and financial due diligences of projects as part of various M&A transactions

Improving project execution -
From concept through commissioning, our experience and deep expertise in project execution can lower the risk of project delays and cost overruns with targeted interventions at key stages of a project (e.g., project estimate, HAZOP, plant model reviews)

Strengthening client capabilities -
We partner with our clients to build their internal capabilities through on-the-job training and proven training workshops covering topics such as proposal development, project management and in-depth technical training (e.g., process design, piping design, equipment selection, material selection)